Airport Crash Tender

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Notice: No Original Box, Use Bubble Bag or Blank Carton Box, Toys Block, and Book Manual Sent Together.

Mould King MK-19004 Airport Crash Tender Mould King MK-19004 Airport Crash Tender Mould King MK-19004 Airport Crash Tender Mould King MK-19004 Airport Crash Tender Mould King MK-19004 Airport Crash Tender Mould King MK-19004 Airport Crash Tender Mould King MK-19004 Airport Crash Tender Mould King MK-19004 Airport Crash Tender

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33 reviews for Airport Crash Tender

  1. Georg B. (verified owner)

    Super Bausatz, zu empfehlen.

  2. Waltzer Lindhorst (verified owner)

    Perfect Briggs

  3. kennwienich (verified owner)

    Ein wahnsinns Teil, müsste ich unbedingt haben . Super klemm kraft der Bausteine .
    Wo viel Licht ist ist auch viel Schatten denn Mould King hat das Ausmaß des riesenteils nicht bedacht bei dem Kabelmanagement fehlen zwei Verlängerungen . Auch sollte Mould King für den Antrieb Karbonachsen mit hinzufügen. Ich musste meine Airport
    Feuerwehr noch einmal zerlegen weil eine Achse abgeschert war. Alles in allem ein Super Teil.

    Image #1 from kennwienich
  4. Wolfgang Hofmann (verified owner)

  5. Karl-Heinz (verified owner)

    I’m currently building, but I saw at the YouTuber Steinchen Werkstatt that two additional extension cables are needed to get from the motors on the boom to the battery box because the motor cable is too short.

  6. Volker Jarofski (verified owner)

    A fantastic vehicle with huge dimensions but also with some great bugs. First of all it’s a lot of building fun, the bricks are very good and the manual gives no problems. The only thing is the missing deciption of the pf-cable management, typical for MK, but builders with experience in technic will compensate this. PF is working without defects. Unfortunately that set has some defects. First the construction of the steering axles. The amendment from the lego-bulding leads to a loud cracking you will here when steering, so you have to rebuild the axles to avoid that cracking. Second the filling of the watertanks doesn’t work as it should. The tubing also must be rebuild (see picture below). Third is the steering. some pins are “wandering” and have to be rebuild because of longer pins with a certain stopp. Then it works. Last but not least the cable mangement for the spray nozzles in the moving arm. There are really misssing two cable-extensions for the m-motors. That is really a shame for MK and its disappointing that MK refused to improve here. If you wonna know more about the fails, please visit the review by “steinchen-werkstatt” on youtube, to be recommended. Finally: 5 smileys for the look and the building fun, 2 stars for the technic caused by the defects. Summary 3 smileys and for builders with experience in technic-sets a buy recommendation.

    Image #1 from Volker Jarofski
    Image #2 from Volker Jarofski
  7. Sascha M. (verified owner)

  8. Juergen Matuschka (verified owner)

    Super Teil

  9. Sven Juras (verified owner)

  10. Karlheinz D. (verified owner)

    Schnell geliefert. Ob Teile fehlen kann ich noch nicht sagen da noch im Bau befindlich

  11. Uwe Schneider (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    by Mould King: two extention-cables not included (necessary for the two motors in the firefighting crane jib)

  13. Michael (verified owner)

  14. Robert K. (verified owner)

  15. Christian (verified owner)

    Habe hier zum ersten Mal gekauft ,Ware wird leider ohne OVP verschickt hätte gerne für den Preis auch die OVP dazu bekommen.
    Versandkosten sehr teuer nach Österreichleider.
    Bin mal gespannt ob der Bausatz vollständig ist,Bausatz hat leider sehr viele Fehler die beim Bauen erst behoben werden müssen,mal Sehn ob er hier punkten kann.

  16. Daniel Isenring (verified owner)

  17. Klaus (verified owner)

  18. Alfons (verified owner)

    great set .
    lots of fun to build

  19. Sebastian B. (verified owner)

    Top Qualität und schneller Versand. Keine Probleme beim Zoll.

  20. Matthias F. (verified owner)

    Sehr gelungenes Modell, mit einem großem Bauspaß.
    Keine Fehlteile, bis auf zwei Verlängerungskabel, die allerdings auch von Mould King nicht vorgesehen sind.

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Johan (verified owner)

  23. Gerhard (verified owner)

  24. renzo g. (verified owner)

  25. Henri (verified owner)

    Until now not completed half way ,clear instruction and solid part good quality kit

  26. Konrad (verified owner)

    two extension cables necessary for proper functioning are not included in the kit. However, this is due to Mould King and not to blockbrickworld.

  27. Mike (verified owner)

    Alles bestens

  28. Alois Schraufstetter (verified owner)

  29. sebastian K. (verified owner)

  30. Bernhard (verified owner)

  31. Marco Hoffmann (verified owner)

  32. Norbert M. (verified owner)

  33. Patrick Lurz, (verified owner)

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